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Memorandum on Cooperation Between the State Agency for Religious Issues and Tbilisi City Hall
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On the 19th of May at Tbilisi City Hall the Memorandum on Cooperation has been signed between the chairman of the State Agency for Religious Issues Zaza Vashakmadze and the Mayor of Tbilisi City David Narmania. The above mentioned document envisages implementation of the joint projects and programs for overcoming the problems existing in the sphere of protection and use of religious buildings, exchange of experiences and information regarding the religious disputes raised in the property field and in the sphere of possessing religious buildings, mutual cooperation regarding the construction of religious buildings, determinning the location of the religious buildings and transforming the buildings into the religious buildings.

Developing joint activities that promote interreligious and intercultural dialogue as well as implementing the activities that promote the raise of tolerant and religious self-consciousness of civil society and especially the youth.

The Memorandum also envisages the exchange of information and cooperation between the agencies on the issues of financing religious organizations and of restoring religious buildings existing in the possession (ownership) of religious organizations.