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Functioning Cult Buildings In Tbilisi as of 2020
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The presentation of the new publication of the State Agency for Religious Issues "Functioning Cult Buildings  In Tbilisi as of 2020" was held at the Palace of State Ceremonies of Georgia today, Which was attended by the representatives of the Georgian government and religious organizations operating in Georgia. Zaza Vashakmadze, Chairman of the State Agency for Religious Issues, greeted the participants of the presentation, emphasizing the uniqueness of the new edition - it is the first time that it combines comprehensive information about the cult buildings in the capital, which is of great importance, including from a scientific point of view. The Chairman of the Agency cited several statistics: “As a result of the last census conducted in 2014: • The population of Tbilisi is 1,108,717 million people; • Out of this, 1,024 931 million are followers of the Orthodox Church, i.e.  92.44% of the population; • Muslims are 16. 268, 1.47% of the population; • Follower of the Armenian Apostolic Church - 29. 368, i.e. 2.65% of the population; • 1,016  - Jews, 0.09% of the population; • Followers of the Catholic Church comprise 1. 662,  0.15% of the population; • Yazidia - 8. 124, or 0.73%; • 3.979 – Jehovah’s Witnesses, 0.36% of the population; • Confession was not indicated, no answer was given, none or the other minority denomination were named by 23. 369 people, comprising 2.11% of the population. There are a total of 229 religious buildings in Tbilisi, i.e. 4,884 believers per 1 church. Out of this: • There are 197 functioning Orthodox churches, 22 chapels and 40 churches under construction per 1, 024 931 million orthodox people, which means that 5,202 believers come to 1 church; • There are 3 mosques in the capital, 5.423 believers per 1 mosque; • There are 2 synagogues in Tbilisi, ie 508 believers per 1 synagogue; • There are 3 Catholic churches, ie 554 believers per 1 church; • 8. 214 believers per 1 Yazidi shrine; • 3,979 Jehovah's Witnesses have 16 cult buildings, i.e. 1 building per 249 believers; • The statistics of the cult buildings of the representatives of the minority denominations in Tbilisi are as follows - There are 5 cult buildings per 23,369 believers. i.e. 4. 674 believers per 1 house of prayer. In general, if we count 84% of the population of Georgia are Orthodox Christians  across the country and in terms of the number of religious buildings, the religions historically existing in Georgia are in a better condition (1 religious building comes to 1,548 Orthodox believers and 1,391 representatives of historical religions) representatives of a small number of denominations have much better indicators. Sometimes they paint a picture as if minorities in Georgia are oppressed by the state and the dominant church. I urge them to look at the analysis prepared by us, to be objective in their assessment and to compare our results with the countries of the region, the results of the Council of Europe and many EU countries, or even the post-Soviet countries, "said Zaza Vashakmadze. Ilia Darchiashvili, Head of the Government Administration, Giorgi Volski, First Deputy Speaker of the Parliament, Mikael Botkoveli, Secretary of the Patriarch of Georgia and Adam Shantadze, Mufti of Western Georgia delivered speeches.

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