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Meeting with the representative of the spiritual leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran
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Today at the Administration of the Government of Georgia Zaza Vashakmadze, the chairman of the State Agency for Religions Issues, met with Seid Reza Takah, a representative of the spiritual leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei. The meeting was attended by Georgian Sheikh Ramin Igidov.

Zaza Vashakmadze informed the guest about the religious policy of the State of Georgia, in particular, he talked about the projects implemented to the Administration of Muslims of All Georgia, including financing, transferring of mosques, arrangement of chapels in prisons and military services.

Georgia's Sheikh Ramin Igidov noted that there was a freedom of religion  in Georgia and everyone had the opportunity for self-expression. He emphasized the special role of the State Agency for Religious Issues in solving the problems of Muslims.

Seed Reza Takah positively assessed the agency's activities, according to him the agency had done a lot for the Muslim community. The guest expressed his desire to deepen bilateral cooperation and to get acquainted with Georgian experience in the inter-religious direction. At the meeting, Reza Takah voiced the initiative to organize a joint conference and a religious exhibition.

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