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The delegation of the Agency is participating in the Warsaw Conference of the OSCE
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On September 26, the "Warsaw Human Dimension Conference" was opened in Warsaw, the capital of Poland, which is organized by the current Polish Chairmanship of the OSCE and supported by the OSCE Democratic Institutions and Human Rights Office.

The conference will be held for ten days and will touch on such important topics as human rights and fundamental freedoms within the framework of the OSCE.

The conference will provide a platform to assess the fulfillment of the OSCE's human dimension commitments and will offer participants a meeting space to bring forward issues on which  they believe  that the attention of the international community must be focused. During the plenary sessions, the participants will have the opportunity to touch on all the human dimension commitments of the OSCE: democratic institutions, rule of law, tolerance and non-discrimination, fundamental freedoms and humanitarian issues.

Representatives of OSCE member states, partners, representatives of OSCE institutions and executive structures, interstate organizations, civil society and other persons with relevant experience from 57 countries participate in the work of the conference.

The theme of today's plenary session is fundamental freedoms, which includes such issues as freedom of religion and belief, freedom of assembly and association, human rights defenders and freedom of movement.

The delegation of the State Agency for Religious Issues, consisting of the chairman of the Agency, Zaza Vashakmadze, and the senior specialist of the Legal Maintenance Office, Davit Davitashvili, participates in the work of the session.

Davit Davitashvili, the senior specialist of the Legal Maintenance Office of the State Agency for Religious Issues, addressed today's session. He spoke about the religious policy of the state of Georgia, touched on the projects and activities carried out by the Agency and noted: "Religious organizations registered in Georgia cooperate in the format of an inter-religious council and solve important issues together, including through direct meetings with members of the legislative and executive authorities. The format of the inter-religious council is unique, because for the first time there was a cooperation between the dominant church, historical or minority religious organizations. The conference "Interreligious dialogue for peace" is held every year, which is dedicated to various current topics - religious tolerance, women's rights, children's rights, threats of terrorism. Religious organizations and society representatives take part in its activities. The religious policy of the state of Georgia is based on cultural traditions and values. The historical function of Georgia is to exist in the mode of dialogue between civilizations, religions, cultures, because without intensive dialogue and mutual understanding, we cannot answer the main challenge of the era: to make the world more humane, protected and fair.

Within the framework of the conference, an event of the State Agency for Religious  Issues is planned, where the chairman of the Agency - Zaza Vashakmadze will talk in detail about the harmful consequences of the occupation, including systematic violations of the freedom of religion and belief and the deplorable condition of the occupied cultural-religious heritage monuments