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The Georgian delegation Celebrated St. George’s Day in Kakhi
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Today is a special day for the Georgian Orthodox Christians - the Orthodox Church is celebrating the day of the execution of the saint great martyr Giorgi of Cappadocia.

The State Agency for Religious Issues establishes the tradition of celebrating St. George's Days in the Kakhi district. Also today, on the occasion of the holiday, a delegation left for the Kakhi region of Azerbaijan, which includes representatives of the Patriarchate of Georgia, the Parliament, the State Agency for Religious Issues, Kakheti Administration and Lagodekhi City Hall, namely: Metropolitan of Akhaltsikhe and Taoklarjeti, temporary ruler of Khornabuji, Hereti and Nekresi Diocese, Metropolitan Theodore (Chuadze), priest Petre Khumarashvili and representatives of the Patriarchate, including chanters, chairman of the State Agency for Religious Issues, Zaza Vashakmadze and Agency staff, MP Guram Macharashvili, Deputy State Representative in Kakheti, Givi Metreveli, chairman of Lagodekhi City Council, Karlo Jamburia, Mayor of City Hall of Dedoplistskaro Municipality, Nikoloz Janiashvili and representatives of local municipalities, city assembly and city hall.

The members of the delegation visited the church named after St. George of Kakhi district, where Metropolitan Theodore and priest Petre Khumarashvili, head of the Church of St. George of Kakhi, held a church service. After the end of the service, 50 Bibles provided by the Agency were distributed to the Orthodox congregation.

Then the members of the delegation visited the church named after St. George of Kurmukhi, where the prayer was served by the temporary ruler of the Diocese of Khornabuji, Hereti and Nekresi, the Metropolitan Theodore (Chuadze) of Akhaltsikhe and Taoklarjeti,.

The delegation left for Tbilisi today.

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