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Meeting with the British Ambassador
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Meeting with the British Ambassador Today, at the Government of Georgia, the Chairman of the State Agency for Religious Issues, Zaza Vashakmadze, met with the British Ambassador to Georgia, Mark Clayton. Zaza Vashakmadze introduced the activities of the Agency to the guest. In particular, the Agency's activity within the framework of the Governmental Action Plan on Human Rights, its role in terms of relations between the religious organizations and the state in Georgia - meetings of the Property and Financial Commission to discuss the transfer of religious buildings to religious organizations, activities of the Interreligious Council with the Agency, funding of several religious organizations due to material and moral damage inflicted during the Soviet period, etc. The guest was also told about the seminars and trainings held to raise public awareness, as well as the annual, traditional conference "Interreligious Dialogue for Peace". The Chairman of the Agency focused on the unique experience of coexistence with the Jewish community, as well as the different nature of Georgian Islam, which, in the light of the controversy in the world, is perceived as a positive experience of peaceful coexistence of Shiites and Sunnis. Zaza Vashakmadze especially emphasized the great support that the Agency feels from the diplomatic corps and noted that it is very important for the Agency. For his part, the British Ambassador thanked the Chairman of the Agency for his hospitality and stressed the positive role of the Agency in strengthening the tolerant environment in the country. The ambassador was interested in the activities of the Interreligious Council and said that such a format can only be welcomed. He also liked the map of the cult buildings and noted that he had never seen anything like it anywhere else. Mark Clayton promised the agency's chairman to help and support the resumption of intensive contacts with the UK counterpart organization. It was an introductory meeting. At the end of the conversation, Zaza Vashakmadze handed over the Ambassador of the United Kingdom with a copy of the 2021 interreligious calendar.